BimoidServer 1.0

It allows users to communicate each other using Bimoid messenger
1.0.48 (See all)

Bimoid server is a system service which after installation will be ready to accept connections from all users of your network and will allow them to communicate each other using Bimoid messenger. The server program is necessary for the organization of your own instant messaging network. It features secure authentication of user accounts, Active Directory integration, Server side contact lists and much more.

Basic features of the server:
- Secure authentication of user accounts
- Active Directory integration
- Server side contact lists
- Ability to set general contact list for all users
- Private lists support
- Offline messaging support
- Instant messaging
- Direct and proxied file transfer support
- User details support
- User avatars support
- Presence status and status-pictures broadcasting
- Users directory search support
- Transports to other networks support
- Secure connections support
- Remote server administration
- Ability to set needed limit for any server parameter
- Ability to ban users by IP addresses and account names
- Ability to broadcast system message to all users

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